Our Live Show Case

As an SCM consulting firm, we step up to your side to provide support. Our certified SAP consultants take a holistic view of your company and develop new strategies. A decisive part of our service deals with the procurement and integration of desired or required hardware such as check-in terminals, barrier systems, scales or high-bay warehouses. You thus receive highly efficient complete solutions that can be harmoniously integrated into your company’s strategy and decisively improve processes in the long term.

How the mentioned hardware can be symbiotically integrated into the processes of our customers, we like to illustrate at our live showcase in our office in Halle (Saale). There, we use an exemplary check-in situation to show how we can automate yard processes.

Upon arrival at the customer’s yard, the truck driver – whether an internal or external driver of a freight forwarder – logs on at the terminal. This can happen either by manually entering the transport or reference number or by using a QR code issued in advance or displayed on the driver’s smartphone. Driver and vehicle data can then be checked again, changed and confirmed at the terminal. An extensive language selection, safety and navigation instructions and more can be individually integrated in the process.

To correctly identify the driver and his vehicle, an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system can be used. A special camera is placed at the check-in and can recognize license plates and/or container numbers and synchronize them with the data stored in the system. Such a camera is of course also available for demonstration in our showroom.

If the check-in process has been successfully completed, the barrier opens and the driver is granted access to the yard. We admit it: The barrier in our showroom is somewhat smaller than the barriers that stand in reality in the customer’s yard. However, it opens just as reliably.

Last but not least, we will be presenting live the possibility of Bluetooth beacon navigation. Bluetooth beacons are small signal transmitters with configurable signal strength and data transmission intervals to track and locate trailers and/or vehicles. The small senders are permanently or temporarily attached to or inside the vehicle. The counterparts, so-called hubs, receive the data from the beacons and ensure that the customer’s expedition can access the real-time location of the object at any time. In this way, yard processes can be carried out transparently and with planning reliability.

Have we made you curious? We would like to invite you to have your future automated yard processes exemplified – whether remotely or in our office in Halle (Saale).