Flexible and effective: the trend toward mobile working

If you had to choose: Do you prefer to perform the same job at a fixed workplace or remotely? Provided, of course, that the job is suitable for remote working. What are the reasons for your decision?

The trend toward mobile working is increasing. This has been particularly reinforced by the pandemic in the last two years. After all, the number of people working from home offices in Germany rose from four percent before the crisis to 30 percent in the first lockdown. Even after that, the trend toward remote work persisted and continues to increase.

What are the benefits of mobile working?

Location-independent working has a major impact on the lifestyle of many people. This is because it opens up options and freedom that a job at a fixed workplace cannot offer. The advantages of mobile working are manifold:

  • The dream of being able to combine travel and work can become a reality
  • Home office makes it easier to reconcile family and job
  • Travel to the workplace is spared


Overall, it can be concluded that mobile working can increase employee satisfaction. Although remote working has many advantages, up to a certain point it is a question of personal taste how one prefers to work. Disadvantages could be mentioned as follows:

  • Less personal contact with colleagues
  • The boundaries between work and leisure can become blurred


There are also some advantages for companies. For example, working from a home office makes office space superfluous. Remote work can also make employers more attractive, as many people nowadays prefer a flexible working model.

Mobile working at INTECIO

INTECIO has also recognized the advantages of mobile working. The company offers the option of working either in a modern office on site – or independently of location. For this, employees are even provided with 200 net for the equipment of the home office. Flexible working hours also ensure a good work-life balance.

With its mobile working option, INTECIO is in line with other employers in this industry. According to a survey, 71.3% of employees in the IT sector work at least partly from home. IT services thus rank second among industries with the highest proportion of remote jobs, after management consultancies (71.5 %).

How is the future of mobile working shaping up?

In the future, many will continue to benefit from the advantages of mobile working. In many cases, this form of work improves the quality of life of employees. In addition, location-independent working models can contribute to the crisis-proofing of companies due to their flexibility and greater efficiency.

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