SAP Fiori, UI5 and OpenUI5 - we bring light in the darkness

Fiori and UI5 are the talk of the SAP world. However, very few people get to grips with the technologies and are confused by the different terms. Basically, “UI5”, “Fiori” or “OpenUI5” are interface technologies.

For a long time, SAPGUI was the standard for this with web components such as ITS Mobile, Webdynpro or BSP. UI5 is the new big thing from SAP for modern interfaces.
The advantages of this are obvious: the web technology used means that the same interface can be used on a PC workstation and also in a mobile app.
Communication between the SAP server and the web interface usually runs via so-called OData services.

Fiori, on the other hand, describes a very precise design concept: It provides information on how the new interfaces with UI5 technology must look in order to comply with the SAP standard. SAP has even provided its own website for this purpose, on which all the design specifications are explained in detail:

OpenUI5 is the third and final term, which often causes confusion. OpenUI5 is simply the open source variant of UI5. If you compare the documentations, you can hardly notice any differences. The range of functions between UI5 and OpenUI5 is therefore almost identical, whereby license fees are incurred for UI5 and OpenUI5 can be used completely free of charge.

However, if an application is to be certified with SAP, it is mandatory to use the UI5 framework. Applications with OpenUI5 are usually rejected.

So in the future, always talk about UI5 application in Fiori design to finally put an end to the mixing of these terms.

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