Manufacturing Execution System

By implementing SAP MES, INTECIO provides a powerful and scalable turnkey solution that helps manufacturing companies implement manufacturing and production operations. SAP MES provides comprehensive transparency along your entire logistics processes at the component and material level.
This enables more efficient decision-making processes based on secure knowledge and a continuous reduction in the error rate in your company’s production and manufacturing operations. The higher-level control of machines and plants by specifications from your company software leads to seamless communication of the PLC level with your ERP system.


Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

In the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0, data and information form the basis of all decisions. In companies, large amounts of information and data are continuously generated and processed. A large part of this data and information is irretrievably lost due to missing mechanisms and systems.
With SAPUI5, SAP MII offers modern graphical user interfaces and flexible communication options. SAP MII is the ideal platform for mapping processes from production and logistics. SAP’s integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) package offers valuable standard functions that can be optimally networked with your ERP system.



You can achieve efficient production planning and control with the SAP PP module of SAP ERP. By implementing SAP PP, you support your production planning effectively and efficiently in achieving your goals. Via this SAP tool, you are offered a wide range of functions for handling smooth and interlocking processes in production.

With SAP PP, you can achieve a reduction in your lead time, a high degree of adherence to schedules, and a high and even utilization of capacities. In addition, you are able to react flexibly to customer-specific requests.
With SAP PP, you control your products in terms of quantity and value within the logistics chain.

As an IT system house, we are your partner for integrating these modules into your company's existing system landscape and expanding it according to your wishes. Missing but needed functions and features will be developed by your INTECIO consultant as an addition to the system especially for you and integrated into the solution landscape.



Extended Warehouse Management

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) provides the ability to control warehouse processes and movements, minimize problems through improved warehouse efficiency, and transform various operations into an adaptable supply chain that uses its resources efficiently. SAP EWM, as an extension of SAP WM, provides more flexibility in creating objects such as warehouse structure, picking, or putaway. Activity areas, work centers, and resources are also elements integrated into SAP EWM to enable holistic warehouse mapping. By 2025, SAP WM will no longer be supported by SAP EWM, but will be completely replaced. Most EWM implementations have qualitative and quantitative benefits, such as fewer product handling steps, higher productivity, fewer errors, tighter inventory control and improved inventory accuracy. In addition to mapping all internal processes, SAP EWM also provides standardized interfaces to key modules in your SAP landscape and external systems.


Material Flow System

With the SAP Material Flow System (SAP MFS), you can connect an automated warehouse to Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) without an additional warehouse control computer.
You can set up SAP MFS so that warehouse tasks are divided into smaller tasks and these are transferred step by step via telegram communication to the respective programmable logic controller (PLC) responsible for them. The storage and retrieval of handling units (HU) can thus be fully automated without the use of another software system. With SAP MFS you can set capacity limits for reorder points, conveyor segments or resources. The EWM system then withholds tasks for the PLC as soon as these limits are exceeded. The same applies when the PLC reports a malfunction of the individual conveyors (vehicles, routes, reporting points). In an included warehouse management monitor you can track, evaluate and influence the process.


Warehouse Management

The SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management) warehouse management system is frequently used in logistics to represent standardized processes in the SAP system. Customer-specific processes can be mapped through extensions in the form of SAP add-ons. SAP WM is a module exclusively integrated in SAP ERP. SAP’s support for this product will end in 2025. SAP offers a replacement, which is also accompanied by significant improvements, in the form of the standard software SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). As experts for SAP in production, transport and logistics, we offer you the necessary know-how for a smooth transition.

Payback on an implementation is guaranteed within 12 to 36 months from the beneficial use of the system. To achieve this and provide a profitable return on investment, technology must be used to improve operations, not just automate existing, inefficient and outdated processes.



Yard Logistics

The innovative functions within SAP Yard Logistics (SAP YL) as well as the seamless integration with other existing SAP modules, but also external systems, enable an optimization of intra- & extralogistics.
The hardware-based implementation of the SAP YL module by INTECIO allows automated control of barriers, turnstiles, traffic lights as well as personless access control supported by the functionalities of self-service terminals.

Furthermore, Yard Logistics (SAP YL) offers the ideal tool for controlling your yard processes through automated driver communication via pager systems, SMS, mail or WhatsApp, thus permanently reducing waiting times and thus costs.
The mapping of various processes and tasks on the yard can be controlled and extended by extensive customizing. Thanks to the integration of SAPUI5 interfaces and the associated compatibility with modern end devices such as tablets or smartphones, even the regular and complete documentation of load securing via app or the recording of previous damage to a vehicle is no longer a problem with SAP YL.


Transport Management

Consolidate orders and get maximum value for your transportation spend with SAP Transport Management (SAP TM). Create accurate demand and volume forecasts to fine-tune your transportation planning. Improve your freight, fleet, and logistics management to get real-time visibility into domestic and international shipments across all modes and industries.

Summary: On-premise and cloud deployment, transportation and demand planning, interactive freight tendering, collaboration portal.

We optimize your yard processes for planning incoming and outgoing transports - also in cooperation with your forwarders.

SAP Platforms


intelligentes ERP-System

SAP S/4 HANA is an intelligent, integrated ERP system that runs on our SAP HANA in-memory database.


Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Improve operational visibility with the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution, a manufacturing execution system (MES) that provides near real-time data and analysis. Execute manufacturing processes, analyze manufacturing and business data, and integrate systems with a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient approach based on Industry 4.0.


intelligentes ERP-System

A client-server version of the standard application software that enables companies to conduct their business more efficiently worldwide.


Logistics Business Network

Benefit from an open, secure logistics network that connects business partners for cross-company collaboration and insight. The SAP Logistics Business Network provides a single point of entry to manage logistics transactions, exchange documents with key business partners, and gain visibility across the entire value chain.