SAP MES – SAP Manufacturing Execution System

Through the introduction of SAP MES (Manufacturing Execution System) offers INTECIO an efficient and scalable ready producing solution with the help of which manufacturers can convert Distribution Operations. The solution proposes various functions and integrates existing ERP Systems directly into the Production Line. Therefore, it provides the components and materials for extensive Transparency along the complete logistical chain. With it are effective decisions based on secured Knowledge in your enterprise possible. Using SAP MES and the analyses of received Data you reach a continuous Reduction of Error Rate in Production and Manufacturing Processes of your Company. The higher-level Controlling of machines and plants through specifications from your Enterprise Software leads to smooth Communication of SPS-Level with your SAP System. You get the opportunity of direct integration of Sensors and Actuators in the Productive Landscape of your Business.

SAP MII – SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

In the Age of Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Data and Information form the foundation of all decisions. The more information from different areas are received, the more sounds the understanding of judgment in your Business. In an Enterprise are continually big amounts of Information and Data generated and processed. A big part of Data and Information, as capital of a Company, get lost through lacking mechanisms and systems irretrievably.

SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) offers with SAPUI5 a modern graphical user interface and flexible Communications opportunities.

SAP MII is the ideal Platform for mapping the processes from production and logistic. The integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) Package from SAP offers you valuable standard functions, which can optimally be linked with your ERP System. Lacking but needed functions and features will be developed especially for you from your INTECIO Consultant as addition to the System and will be integrated in the solution landscape.

SAP PP – SAP Production Planning

You achieve efficient Production planning and controlling with Module SAP PP (Production planning) from SAP ERP. Through Implementation of SAP PP, you support you’re Production planning effectively and efficiently in accomplishing your goals. Through this SAP Tool you will be offered multiple functions for conducting smooth and interlocking processes in production.

With SAP PP you attain reduction of your processing time, a high Punctuality, lower capital link and a high and equal loading of capacities. Besides that, you are able to react flexibly on customer individual requests in your production process.

With the SAP Production planning you control your product amounts and your value inside the Logistic chain

As IT-System house we, INTECIO GmbH, are Your Partner to integrate this module in your company into the existing system landscape and expanding it according to your wishes.


SAP EWM – SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Extended Warehouse Management offers the opportunity to control Warehouse processes and movements, to reduce problems through improved warehouse efficiency and convert different processes into adaptable supply chain, which uses your resources productively. SAP EWM proposes as expansion of SAP WM more Flexibility at object creation like storehouse structure, commissioning or storing. Also, activity areas, workplaces and resources are Elements, which are included in SAP EWM, in order to make an integral warehouse illustration possible. Until 2025 SAP WM should not be supported anymore and be fully replaced by SAP EWM – invest now in the Future and switch. Like SAP WM SAP EWM is a part of SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) and supports all processes within the Logistic chain. The integrated functions and business processes within this storehouse management solution offer a high degree on Process and warehouse transparency, an exact planning of warehouse steps as well as efficient distribution und storing. A profitable return of an EWM implementation is guaranteed within 12 to 36 months from the advantageous use of the system, to accomplish this, the technology must be used, in order to improve and rationalise the enterprise, and not only automate available, inefficient and outdated Processes. Most of EWM-Implementations have qualitative and quantitative leverages for example fewer product handling steps, higher productivity, fewer errors, stricter stock control and upgraded stock accuracy and order quality.

Beside the mapping of all internal processes SAP EWM also offers standardized interfaces to important Modules of your SAP landscape and external systems. Next to the connection of your ERP or TM – System SAP EWM can through integrated material flow control (MFS) take over the autonomous control of your automatic system.

SAP MFS – SAP Material flow system 

With the material flow system (MFS) you can connect an automatic Warehouse without additional warehouse to an Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). You can set up MFS so, that warehouse tasks (i.e. from one identification point to a storing place in an automatic warehouse) subdivide into smaller tasks and hand over this step by step per telegram communication to the responsible programmable logic controller (SPS). So the storage and retrieval of Handling Units (HU) can occur without the use of an additional Software system fully automatically.

You can adjust capacity limits for reporting points, conveyor segments or Resources. Then the EWM System holds back the tasks for SPS, as soon as these limits are exceeded. The same happens when SPS reports a disturbance of the individual means of conveyance (vehicle, section, reporting point). You can monitor, evaluate, and influence the process in the warehouse management monitor that is supplied with the system.

SAP WM – SAP Warehouse Management

The storehouse management system SAP Warehouse Management is often used in logistic, in order to portray standardized Processes in SAP-System. Through expansions in forms of SAP Add-Ons customer specific Processes can be displayed. SAP WM is an exclusively in SAP ERP integrated module. The support of SAP for this Product ends on 2025. A replacement, with clear improvements, is offered by SAP with Standard software SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). As experts for SAP in Production, Transport und Logistic we offer you the needed Knowhow for a smooth transition.


SAP YL 2.0 – SAP Yard Logistics 2.0

In the efficient realization of transfer the yard orders as a link between Production, storage and Transport of Goods and has a decisive Rolle. The biggest challenges of modern Logistic are increasing the efficiency of Yard-Processes. In addition of technical challenges regarding the automation of yard processes, a large number of internal and external process participants must also be coordinated at the same time.

The innovative functions inside of SAP Yard Logistics 2.0 as well as the seamless Integration with other existing SAP Modules, but also external systems, allow an optimization of intra- & extra Logistic. The hardware-related Implementation of a module through INTECIO grants an automatized controlling of barriers, turnstiles, traffic lights as well as unmanned access control supported through the Functionalities of Self-service.

Still Yard Logistics 2.0 offers through the automatized Driver Communication by Pager systems, SMS, Mail or WhatsApp the ideal aid to control your Yard processes and reduce lasting waiting periods and therefore Costs. The portraying of different processes and tasks on the Yard can be over extensive customizing self-controlled and expanded. Through the Integration of SAP-UI5 surface, and with-it connected Compatibilities with latest terminals like Tablets or Smartphones, is even the regular and comprehensive documentation of load securing via App or the record of previous accidents of a vehicle with SAP YL 2.0 not a problem anymore.

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