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In the globalised economy processes, supply chains and data sets are becoming larger and more complex. The flood of data represents an opportunity for companies to take advantage of the digital age. While the optimization of logistics and warehouse processes using optimization algorithms or machine learning offers great potential for cost savings, the analysis of user data helps to better understand customers and employees and their needs.

We offer the integration of common Machine Learning API’s (Google, Amazon, SAP AI) as well as customized optimization algorithms.

In logistics AI offers great potential in the reduction of material movements. We demonstrate this with our enhancements to SAP YL 2.0 and SAP EWM, in that we demonstrably significantly reduce the number of driving routes (container and warehouse movements).

Our team follows the concept of using machine learning algorithms to integrate the material flow directly into the storage and retrieval strategies.

Our mission is to develop a holistic system that uses machine learning algorithms to control and optimize the yard and warehouse processes of our customers in the form of a digital assistant.

Markus J. Kaiser
General Manager

By integrating the AI platforms of Google and Amazon in the field of image and object recognition, we already achieve better recognition rates than classic stand alone software solutions.

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