Optimization of warehouse logistics with SAP EWM

Mar 21, 2024 | Nicht kategorisiert

As an SAP Silver Partner for comprehensive digitalization solutions along the supply chain, we at Intecio attach great importance to continuously improving our customers’ logistics processes. Using specially developed tools and innovative approaches, we strive to bring not only transparency, but also efficiency and simplicity to processes. A key tool that supports these goals is SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

The module

SAP EWM is a powerful module that supports companies in optimizing their warehouse management and controlling the entire flow of goods in the warehouse. Compared to classic warehouse management, EWM offers a wide range of extended functions and flexibility to meet even the most complex requirements in warehouse logistics.

The module includes functions such as inventory management, storage location optimization, storage and retrieval strategies, as well as the integration of material flow and warehouse control systems. In addition, SAP EWM offers seamless integration with other SAP solutions, such as SAP Transportation Management or SAP Yard Logistics, to enable holistic supply chain management.

Advantages and functions

The implementation of SAP EWM offers a variety of benefits for companies that want to optimize their warehouse management. The most important functions and benefits include:

  • Extended warehouse processes: SAP EWM supports a wide range of warehouse processes, from incoming goods inspection to putaway, picking and shipping, offering a high degree of flexibility and customization.
  • Optimized storage space utilization: With intelligent storage space optimization functions, SAP EWM helps companies use their storage space more efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Real-time transparency: The module enables real-time monitoring of all warehouse activities, which leads to improved transparency and control and enables a rapid response to changes.
  • Integration with other SAP solutions: SAP EWM integrates seamlessly with other SAP solutions to enable holistic supply chain management and improve the flow of information between different areas of the business.

Intecio – Your partner for SCM

As your reliable partner for supply chain management (SCM), we not only offer expertise in the implementation and customization of SAP solutions, but also develop our own add-ons that symbiotically support the SAP system. Our many years of experience and our in-depth understanding of the requirements of the logistics industry enable us to offer customized solutions that optimally support your business processes.

Our self-developed add-ons extend the functionalities of SAP EWM and offer additional added value, such as extended reporting and analysis functions, automated processes or interfaces to external systems. With our holistic approach, we support companies in optimally using SAP EWM and making their warehouse management more efficient.

SAP EWM is a powerful module that helps companies optimize their warehouse management and control the entire flow of goods in the warehouse. With extended functions for storage location optimization, real-time transparency and seamless integration with other SAP solutions, it offers a holistic solution for the challenges of warehouse logistics.

As your partner for SCM, we are here to help you optimally integrate SAP EWM into your existing system landscape and develop customized solutions that meet your individual requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you optimize your warehouse management.